Hello world!

This is our first blog post for our project of RVing full-time.  At the beginning of this month we implemented our commitment to develop, create and market online RV (recreational vehicle) related ideas and products.  Our goal is to be full-time RVers* by the end of 2010.  *A full-time RVer is one who lives full-time in their RV -not a sticks n bricks home – by choice.

Our goal with this blog is to share our experiences with others who have a similar goal, dream, desire or are just curious about the POSSIBILITY of RVing full-time.  There are hundreds of resources already about the lifestyle choice.  Many of the site owners are in-fact full time RVers, other RV related sites are written by RVers who still live in their brick and mortar home.

The last 3 weeks have been filled with new terms, websites, conference calls and many many hours online researching about HOW to go about implementing the steps necessary to develop a successful online marketing program.  BLOGS have been suggested by most of the contacts we’ve made, so here we go !

We have found many internet marketing experts who are willing to share their vast knowledge with us.  Affiliate Marketing, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Google AdSense, ClickBank, ezines, pixels, e-alerts have until now – mostly – been vague terms to us.  As of now we are learning the value and importance of these terms and how they relate to our RVing full-time project.

In just 1 month we have:

  • registered 3 dot com names
  • subscribed to and cancelled a subscription to an online tutoring program
  • attended a travelling tour of online entrepeneurs
  • investigated a brand-new marketing program.
  • talked to 2 Life Coaches
  • subscribed to 5 new online marketing e-zines

That's us

As you travel along with us on this virtual road trip, we invite you to make comments, offer suggestions and come back often.  The scenery changes from day to day and we are looking forward to the next destination.  This will certainly be a more interesting read than a diary of a couple of fifty-year olds learning something new!

Our mantra comes from Michael Dooley, author of www.tut.com – Thoughts Become Things, So Choose The Good Ones !

Update  as of 05/31/2011 … The Rambler has seen the following improvements:

(1) green shag carpet has been replaced with vinyl sheet flooring that looks like wood planks.  Its VERY EZ to wet mop clean when we break camp.  I was SOOOO happy to see that old nasty carpet in the dumpster ! (2) all curtains and upholstery were replaced (3) mattresses were re-covered (3) replaced the air conditioner (4) rebuilt the original Dometic frig (4) replaced propane tanks with Lite Cylinder.  Still needs a new paint job and new tires, but for now current equipment works A-OK.

We have a Facebook account, Twitter account  and keep this blog updated as new events happen.  My, how much progress we’ve made – but still not yet full-timing.  We are shopping for a full-time rig, and will make the purchase when the funds are available.

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