2010 Update … and the blog goes on.

2010 has come & gone, and we are still land-bound.  Many of our other goals for 2010 have been reached, but not full-timing – yet. As I re-read my end-of-year assessment, I caught myself and had to edit some words. Funny, how we don’t even realize what comes out of our mouths !

Career-wise, we exceeded our expectations – so that is a good thing. Other goals such as finances, we are doing better with than expected.  Health-wise, all is well.  RV-wise- we took a side-road and purchased a 1978  24′ travel trailer that needs remodeling.

“The Rambler” is NOT the ideal full-time rig, but it’s been a hoot fixing her up and then checking her out on weekends.  We LOVE the look of classic RV’s and have discovered that she is better insulated than our 1996 fifth-wheel was.
1978 Holiday Rambler travel trailer

Thanksgiving we spent at Tombstone Territories RV Park in 25 degree weather, but we were VERY comfy with flannel sheets, a down comforter and a space heater.   In our previous rig, we would have been miserable all night.

Our 2nd trip out to the Benson KOA the temp dropped to 30 overnight and -again- we were very comfy with our set-up.  “They don’t make ’em like they used to” rings true for RVs as well as other items.

New Year’s Eve we will be heading to a state park near Tucson so we can ring in the New Year Native American style at the annual Pow Wow.

EDIT: 03-2012 … the Rambler is now for sale. We are asking $4000, looking for someone who will appreciate her and enjoy weekends or long campouts in a well-built, albeit vintage RV.

2 thoughts on “2010 Update … and the blog goes on.

  1. Just read your blogs…..thanks for sharing your travels, I loved reading them and learning about places we haven’t had a chance to visit yet.

    Glad you were able to view my Progresso, Mexico video blog. Learned a lot on that trip. I was very sad with the plight of the Mexican Children who are taught by their parents to beg for money. My goal that trip was to give them one moment of happiness by throwing them granola bars, as shown in the pictures. They all seemed to love the special treat.

  2. Bad weather blew in New year’s weekend, so we opted to stay home. 50+ MPH winds plus below freezing temps are not good RVing buddies.

    January’s calendar has visitors scheduled, so it might be February before we are sitting around the fire pit we purchased for “The Rambler”s Christmas gift.

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