Cooks Crazy Cups came in

I first discovered the blog Karen of Cooks Crazy Cups writes and after a couple emails back and forth decided “I gotta have ’em”, so placed an order and have enjoyed the giggles ever since.

Giggles with every sip you take !

They have cute sayings like “Home Is Where We Park It” and “RV Black Water Juice”. Of course our non-RVer friends asked us “so what IS RV black water juice?” and we had to explain. “OH my!” they exclaim.

RVers really appreciate the paper style of the Home Is Where We Park It cup, while tenters more appreciate the styro-style cups that say “Discover Wildlife, Camp Naked”.

Cooks Crazy Cups also offers a styro cup with “It’s Not If You Win Or Lose, It’s How You Tailgate” for avid sports fans.

The styro cups are great for soups also – NO, we don’t microwave them ! We heat or cook in a saucepan, then pour into the cup to enjoy and throw away. Washing dishes in the RV is too much like work, so we use disposables unless we are cutting a steak.

Karen recently posted that after only 6 months, her site has enjoyed 45,000+ hits, so I guess many others have discovered her little gems too.

Wishing you LOTS of success Karen, keep those Cooks Crazy Cups cheering us along in our travels and get-togethers, wherever they may be !

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