Still dreamin’

The Renegade is our dream RV. Yes, we REALLY prefer the body style. We’re ex-truckers, so the front nose is more our style preference than a rolling box. With a Freightliner, Volvo or International chassis we don’t have to worry about weight – as long as it’s balanced, there is more than enough capacity than we would ever need. 

We’ve seen very few A’s that have all the features we’d like in a floorplan. Ideal scenario would be to have one custom built to our specs – and Renegade will do that. Renegade is the only DP manufacturer we know of that custom-builds.

Quality is not cheap, but a 1/2-decent Class A DP is the same $$ or more.  In our ideal life, we’d have the coach, AND pull a 12-16′ cargo trailer with a trike, BBQ grill, seasonal items that MUST be at hand (NOT in storage on the ‘tother side of the US), and if we are working at events – inventory/display cargo.

We recently saw online a new Jayco Embark TB#390model -it’s a floorplan that offers the closest (so far) to our preferences in a manufactured RV by any maker. It has a bunk-bed area which could be converted to desk & laundry area. BUT- it’s 40′ long. We’d prefer 34′ MAX.

  • toilet NOT in a closet
  • room for desk
  • washer/dryer space
  • No carpet, tile, mirrors, fluffy decor, basic paint scheme

If the floorplan is perfect, with a 16′ trailer, we’d be set!  Now for the lotto tickets to come in!  We’ll keep dreaming ….

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