Tents For Troops

Well … not “TENTS” per se, but campsites for the soldiers.  We think it’ not only a catchy phrase, it’s also a great way for RV Parks who want to say “thanks” to our active service personnel.

Tents For Troops dot org

“It is a very small way of saying ‘Thank You’ for all of the hard work and sacrifices men and women in the military make”, said Toutle River RV Resort owner Charlie Curry. “I personally encourage all RV Parks and Campgrounds in America to consider offering free camping for active military!”

How Does It Work?  …. RV owners agree to offer a limited number of FREE camping for 2 nites to active military personnel.  The park owners register their park via a form at the TentsForTroops.ORG website.

Military personnel then make reservations just as paying customers would – directly with the RV Park office, except the TentsForTroops.ORG campsites are at no cost to the soldier.

Sometimes, the soldier brings family and friends to stay in other paid sites the same weekend to share the weekend fun as a group.

Whether you are an RV Park owner, active military personnel who want to enjoy the great outdoors-either in a tent or RV, or an RVer who wants to do a little something to say “Thank You” to our soldiers, ask your RV Park to participate in TentsForTroops.

TentsForTroops – Creating a way to enjoy life, away from the field are looking for volunteers …. call founder Charlie at 360-274-7915 for more information and to see how YOU too can help out.

Let’s all step up and do what we can, where we can. Our soliders’ and their families make HUGE sacrifices every day to keep the USA the Home of the Free, Because of the Brave.  Let’s give them an opportunity to enjoy more of the country they are serving.

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