Independence RV style

My Mom is still RVing … at almost 80, her 5th rig is a “Drivers’ Dream” – a 2005 Dynaquest 26′ Class C and a Smartie toad.  This rig is so perfect for her that she is able be on the road for a month at a time and doesn’t even have to extend the slide to sleep comfortably.  When she does open the one slide, the interior living space offers plenty of room for guests too.

Having raised 3 children and all sorts of pets during her working years she now has the time and freedom to travel where, when and how she chooses.  She keeps in touch with other RV friends around the country via laptop, aircard and cell phone.

Mom is a very good planner and researcher so first she checks the weather, then where she would like to park for a night or two.  Searching mostly for State Parks versus RV resorts, with “A NICE VIEW” as her #1 priority she allows NOTHING to get in the way of enjoying her retirement years in an RV.  

Even friends who have purchased RVs with a dream of RVing – but then allowed life events and excuses to keep them from their dream – have not stopped Mom from enjoying her RV.  Many of her closest friends are full-time RVers – and she makes an effort to visit them every chance she can, especially if they are stopping in an area she wants to visit anyway!  Sometimes, a visit with old or new RV friends is just an excuse for her to take “The Owl and Smartie” out for a run 🙂

“Lu” started RVing in a classic 1978 GMC Royale back in 1998.  “Rosie” and Mom visited places she had read about from Herkimer, NY and the Kentucky Horse Park, down to Crooked River State Park in Georgia. 

One of my first and fondest memories of Mom & Rosie was when I drove up from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to stay at Crooked River State Park. We cooked organic lamb slowly over a campfire, admiring the full moon thru the trees.  We hadn’t brought any firewood along, but a friendly RVer gave us Pecan wood he had brought from Texas. To this day, that was THE BEST lamb I have ever eaten!  By then, I was “hooked” on this wonderful lifestyle of RVing and began my own research.

Although we are at the moment land-bound to a j-o-b, our goal of RVing full-time when the time & money is right for us remains.  We now have our 2nd RV – a 1978 Holiday Rambler 24′ TT – which we are remodeling and take out on weekends.  In the meantime, blogging, reading and researching RV’s and the RV lifestyle is my entertainment.  And, we support the RV lifestyle in many ways:

We are members of Escapees, WorkamperNews, GoodSams Club, and  KOA.  I volunteered to recruit new RV parks for – a program that donates 2 camping sites for 2 nights to active military personnel who want to enjoy their RV’s with their families.  We purchased Cooks Crazy Cups for many happy hour visits – in and out of the RV.  Our RV library now has the 3rd edition of Support Your RV Lifestyle from my favorite RV author – Jaimie Hall Bruzenak.

If you too are wondering how/what or when is RVingFT right for you, then I suggest you follow in my and many other’s footsteps.  But FIRST – do your homework !  Join Escapees, read LOTS of blogs and books (read Jaimie’s FIRST), research and participate before you buy your first rig.

In an RV there’s always another sunset to enjoy sipping a Bacardi Mojito, more roads to explore heading thata way, and more state parks to review.  Mom, you’re one of my RV heroines ….keep on RVing.  Gipa, thanks for making your daughter’s dream a possibility – we are grateful for you every day.

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