Thoughts BECOME things …..

Well, OUR thoughts certainly have.  Terry’s #1 dream is to own a Pete – a Peterbuilt tractor, that is.  My dream is to custom design a motor home – with ALL the features we want and need, and none of the “fluff” most RV manufacturers throw in-like mirrors and toilets in a closet !

So far, our dream RV on a Peterbuilt chassis has been just that ….. a dream ….a sketched out plan in our minds for “when we hit the lottery”.  Aparently, we are not the ONLY ex-truck drivers who dreamt about a Pete motorhome !

This weekend we met THE owner of OUR DREAM rig – Jim – who stayed for 1 night at Hacienda RV Park in Las Cruces, NM on his way back home to Texas.  We “just happened” to be visiting my Mom who was parked at Hacienda the same weekend – also heading home to Texas! Coincidence ?  We think NOT !

Now, what’s truly amazing is that we have been dreaming of this type of motor home for years. Having driven over the road as truck drivers, we have seen many, many types of RVs – but the majority just don’t get our hearts pounding.  Custom RVs are a whole different story-and are used often by NASCAR teams to haul their equipment and drivers back and forth across the country during race season.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve climbed into every custom RV we could, taken lots of pictures, talked to sales reps, and collected brochures.  I subscribe to blogs, read the forums and have pictures on our vision boards.  But until this weekend, we hadn’t seen “IT”, and now we have.

There are a small handful of  custom dealers who will design a motor home to your specs – but none on a Pete chassis. Not by coincidence we meet Jim, who discovered a dealer in Indiana who DID build a custom RV on a Peterbuilt chassis.  Our thoughts have become things in our lives so many times – and here’s a picture of 1 of them !

On our way home we took the scenic route back – via Hwy 80 south from I-10 thru Rodeo, NM and Portal, AZ.  This beautiful rural drive takes you thru a valley hugged by the Chiricahua and Pilloncillo Mountains, where Geronimo’s tribe lived also introduced us to Rusty’s RV Ranch and Hideout Ranch, which we plan to visit more in depth.

Rusty’s is a fairly new RV park just a couple miles north of Rodeo, designed by RVers with wide 200′ pull-thru spaces, some with a patio area and views to die for.  Yes, the Pete MH would fit nicely into any of Rusty’s spaces AND still have room to spare.  Rusty says “many of our guests come for a day, and stay for a month” and I can see why. 

Driving through Rodeo, NM enjoying the wide open spaces and 360 degree views of mountains gave us renewed enthusiasm for the beautiful – and history-laden area of SE Arizona that we call home.

Whether you travel via horse, motorcycle, RV, SUV, travel trailer, fifth-wheel or your dream motor home — or even if you are just starting your traveling dreams, be sure to put this route on your list because to us  …..

…. “Life is Good. RV life is even better”

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