The Enchanted Circle

On our way to acquire training and certifications as hearing technicians for our new employer, we left our southeast Arizona home heading to Chicago, IL.  On the way we stopped to visit with Mom for a couple days in New Mexico – her summer RV homebase.

Now we know why so many people are enamored with Angel Fire, NM and The Enchanted Circle area.  We followed the road east from Angel Fire to Eagle Lake, northwest to Red River and back south through Taos.  We also explored the Mora Valley and Moreno Valley, both beautiful to discover as you round the last curvy forest road descending into a picturesque valley with lush green pastures dotted with peacefully grazing Alpacas, cattle and goats.  After 4 years living in a hi-desert environment, I got my badly needed “green-fix”. Beautiful mountain estates next to old homesteads dotted the landscapes under the blue New Mexico skies.  The one surprising discovery was the over-abundant Texas residents, escaping into the Sangre de Cristo mountains and establishing various businesses in the area. A good 50% of the vehicles were from somewhere in Texas.

Our stops included the NRA – Whittington Center, The Great Platte River Road Monument, and Cabelas in Omaha, NE checking off 2 of our bucket list goals. More than 1800 miles + 5 hotels in 5 days left us road-ready for our next adventure – working and travelling full-time across the USA as we search for our next RV.  We’ll be staying in corporate lodging until we locate a short motorhome set up for full-time living.  We have discovered our dream job and are looking forward to our next career !

2 thoughts on “The Enchanted Circle

  1. As a homeowner in Angel Fire, I can say I also know why so many people are enamored with Angel Fire, NM. It really a great escape from it all. Maybe I need to get into the RV’ing world to experience other areas like it.

    • Thanks for your post. We will certainly be back to stay a little longer next time … and maybe even in the winter to enjoy the scenery from a completely different perspective.

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