Neil Armstrong Museum – Wapakoneta, Ohio


We visited the Neil Armstrong museum, located just off I-75 at exit 110 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. This is a small museum, but loaded with pictures and items familiar to me and many of us who watched intently the NASA space program on television growing up. 


Mr. Armstrong was born on a farm in this historic town, having started flying at 16 years of age. Much of the items in the museum are items donated from his family to the museum to share with others. 


Since Neil was the famous astronaut who first stepped on the moon and gave his “One Step for a man, a giant leap for mankind” speech … this museum was something both Terry and I wanted to see. There is a fairgrounds, KOA and a couple other campgrounds in the area, so RVers interested have options for parking nearby. 


Downtown offers some shopping and a nice lunch at the Cloud Nine Cafe – who make fresh fudge and cheesecake daily. We enjoyed a nice lunch of Quiche Lorraine and a grilled Reuben sandwich along with flavored coffees.

The downtown area also offers beautiful mansions from the late 1800‘s as well as a beautifully restored courthouse.  

At the museum, Terry played with a couple of the flight simulators as well as perused the gift shop at the exit of the building.



The $8 per person admission fee was worth the couple of hours we spent reading, taking pictures and watching a short video of the Apollo 11 mission.


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