2013 Rear view

Last year was chock-full for us. We traveled over 30,000 miles, worked at 101 different job sites, flew to Montana to help Mom get settled into her “Last Best Place”, purchased a motor home, damn near froze to death in the coldest winter in over 100 years and recommitted to staying with our jobs for at least 5 more years.

2013-states worked

Blogging had become more of a chore to me in late 2012, so I simply decided to not commit to this blog in 2013.  I did enjoy the blog posts of others, along with more time on Facebook. I volunteered to admin 6 FB groups – all RV related – and have shared more RV tips N tricks on FB than I can remember.  We even met some FB friends in person (THAT was fun!) and discovered new RV parks and apps too.

For  2014 now that I have a permanent desk in the RV, I can get back to blogging – but only every now and then, so don’t expect a daily report from me! We work full-time, moving every few days to our next location. I handle all the logistics, reservations and lead the 2-vehicle caravan using the GPS app on our smart phones. On weekends, I appreciate some down time and we don’t have satellite TV – by choice.

Lucy in Cincy

My blog posts now will be more of a review format – of places we have seen that are worth my taking time to write about. There are so many RV bloggers now that it boggles my mind – in comparison to just a few years ago. Many of the blogs I follow have committed to writing every day – and that is their decision. But when there is nothing to really write about, other than to say what we had for dinner or who we talked with I don’t see the need to blog about it. I am choosing quality over quantity.  Many folks have realized that we have to design the lives we want, rather than wait for it to come along …someday.


3 thoughts on “2013 Rear view

  1. I cannot believe the miles you clocked last year…wow!

    I hear what you say about choosing quality over quantity when you blog. I have many blogs I follow (too many truth be told) and have a very difficult time keeping up with those who post on a daily basis.

    Good to see you back!

    • LuAnn – we travel based on the work projects that our employer schedules. If we were RVingFT for pleasure we would definitely slow down and park longer. Altho Terry and I have seen every state during our trucking days, there are still plenty of places we would like to visit again and really get into the local flavor more deeply. But, we enjoy our careers and since they pay for much of our travels, its working for us for now 🙂

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