2014 – did spring get lost somewhere ?

Winter has FINALLY decided to move on – at least in our neck o the woods! Today is April Fools’ Day and we are in sunny Georgia. I thought a beautiful sunny WARM day like this would NEVER get here!

When we purchased Lucy in October last year, we headed north – got stuck in more cold, snow & ice than I ever care to experience in my lifetime. Burning thru $30 of propane on average a week wasn’t fun either. The price varied as we traveled from $2.79 to $4.25 a gallon and a couple times we had to travel a bit to find a place that would refill the RV. With the entire nation experiencing an LP shortage we were grateful to find any place with a supply to sell. Keeping our work trailer warm was a challenge too – we ended up purchasing 2 additional electric space heaters which was less expensive to run over the weekends that 2 LP furnaces.

Christmas break in Tennessee

Christmas break in Tennessee

January brought 2 big storms across our paths – and 2 of our jobs in Alabama were cancelled due to the ice that covered roads and bridges.

Lucy in CAve SpringWe experienced 1 storm in a private RVP along a river in Historical Cave Spring, Georgia. 2 days before the storm hit we watched as locals came to refill their drinking water bottles at the springs.

Locals fill their water jugs at Historic Cave Springs

Locals fill their water jugs at Historic Cave Springs

This beautiful land that is now a public park was donated to the area by a local physician who developed his property into a hospital many years ago. What a quaint town Cave Spring is and a treasure to experience. It’s only a 2 hour drive west of Atlanta – and well worth your time if you are ever moseying thru this part of western Georgia. It’s just 30 miles north of I-20.

Also – we enjoyed a stay at Riverdale Equestrian Center in Fayetteville, TN. We had a lot of fun with Beatte Kuska, 1 of the resident trainers – and visited with trail riders on their Spotted Saddle horses. It was such fun working ion 1 of the barns cleaning stalls and socializing with the mommas and babies. We haven’t done that chore in a long, long time! We explored the horse trails via their Kubota. Smokey rode with us, just to make sure we didn’t get lost 🙂 smoky at riverdale Spotted Saddle horses

In February we had the opportunity to introduce Facebook friends to the joys of being Escapee RV Club members as we met.up on their journey westward to their first work camping experience in Colorado. Evan, Tina, Jackson and Emmerson Robinette from South Carolina, made a special detour to connect with us at the Raccoon Valley RVP north of Knoxville. We enjoyed the weekly Friday night jam session in the cluhouse and shared a meal together. Staying at Raccoon Valley in an RV had been on our bucket list, so this stay was extra special for us. If you aren’t yet a member and decide to join The Escapees RV Club, please tell them SKP # 90684 referred you. I get a little lamplighter pin to display on my membership badge as a thank you. Thanks!

We were able to spend the final week of February in Knoxville getting Lucy an oil & filter change done as well as some much-needed repairs to our work trailer. The Folks at Tenneessee RV Center and Knox Trailer come highly recommended and we will definitely plan a return there when we need more service to our 1994 Tiffin Allegro Bay or Supreme 40′ trailer.

lucy and bradford pears

cuban dinners

As spring started sprouting around the beginning of March we were in Atlanta. The first signs were the Bradford Pear trees with their spectacular white blossoms filling the trees. Red buds, crocus and daffodils also told us “spring is here” as we traveled to a few local jobs and up into the North Georgia mountains.

We even discovered a couple local products called “apple pie” and muscadine wine 🙂 Better than any store-bought adult beverage we have ever had. Yes, Sandy, we a jar with your name on it and will bring it when we get down to South Florida …soon!  Being in Atlanta also gave me a chance to  get some Cuban mojo on – there were THREE Cuban restaurants we checked out while in the area.  Can you say Cuba Libre y picadillo con arroz & frijoles negros y maduros? We sure did – and took some home to enjoy the next day too 🙂

For our current 3-week project we have been staying at Jellystone Campground near Bremen, GA enjoying a daily rental of DirectTV satellite. Almost makes up want to subscribe …. we have really enjoyed Cesar 911 and Oprah’s Lifeclass when we have time to sit and watch TV.

On the technology front we purchased a Millenicom mifi device and were able to reduce our Verizon data plan enough to almost offset the $70 monthly cost. It works on the same network and allows multiple devices to be connected – but the biggie is 20 GB of data for less than what 10Gb cost us thru VZW. A good budget decision, we think.

For my RVing friends – a brand new social website has launched – it’s called RVillage. The best part about this site is that you can check in (like Google+) to an RVP when you arrive and see other members who have also checked in to their parks across the country. There just might be another member in the same RVP as you! There are interest groups also so for instance if you would like to connect with other Escapee member, you can see where they are located. The key to this site will be keeping your location current as you move around. I think it has great potential and to know that it is 100% designed, developed and maintained by RVers is another testament to the opportunities that abound – no matter where or how you choose to live your life.  It’s ALL good 🙂

Finally – April is Autism Awareness month. My nephew Brandon Drucker is an Artist with Autism. He creates amazing, colorful art which he sells in print and products formats.  One of those pieces of art Brandon has created are in the colors I absolutely adore so …… “The Hiding Bird” is our theme for Lucy The RV! We think they are both fabulous 🙂

Brandons Hiding Bird



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