About Us

As of November, 2014 we settled east of Nashville, TN in an RV park on the Cumberland River.  We enjoy a large space with a concrete patio and side yard with views of the marina and river. Residents are here long-term versus staying for a night or short term, and we waited 3 months to get a space, as it remains full year round. It is convenient to town, we have cable internet and a large LP tank on site that is refilled as needed.  Developing this website is my focus, while Terry works elsewhere. This is the first time in 10 years we have not been working together as a team.


When we left our jobs as full-time mobile hearing technicians in October to settle here, our intention was to recover from being on the road 11+ months of the year working 10 to 14 hour days for 3.5 years. For our vacations we would fly to a distant locale or just stay put during our time off. Now, we can look forward to a extended vacations closer to home.

2013-states worked

Our first RV was a 1996 fifth-wheel we pulled with a 1992 F-350 diesel dually pick-up that we purchased as a package in 2005. Next, we purchased a 1978 Holiday Rambler travel trailer which we remodeled. It was used on weekends to get away in SE Arizona and we pulled it with a Tahoe SUV.

Space 42 Wells Fargo RV Park

When we landed the jobs as mobile hearing technicians in mid-2011 we knew our combo would not withstand the rough roads, so we began a search for something better suited to a RVing full-time life on the road. We thought a fifth-wheel and another diesel dually was “it” so started searching for them. I had narrowed down the well-rated fifth-wheels brands in our price range down to (2): Arctic Fox or Glendale Titanium. We looked at no less than 25 different RVs over a year but the ones we could afford had “issues” – some serious. The ones that were “perfect” we couldn’t afford.

We changed tactics, went back to the drawing board, researched using RV.ORG’s rating system and began to look at well-rated and affordable motor homes. Tiffin has been highly recommended in the RVing community for many years. In fact a 3rd generation of the Tiffin family are still operating the business in Red Bay, Alabama to this day. There are many, many happy Allegro owners still on the road.

Our current RV was owned by a friend of my Mom’s (a FT RVer for many years, with 6 previous RVs in her stable) so we opened our minds to the possibility of a motor home and drove 350 miles one weekend “just to take a look”.   Having adjusted our “wants” down to our “needs” the 1994 no-slides diesel pusher that had been well maintained fit our needs and budget, so we shook on the deal and moved forward.

“Lucy” as we affectionately named her is our current home on wheels.  Howdy y’all !

Christmas break in Tennessee

2013-14 Christmas break in Tennessee


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